Intervju: WARGIRL

Kapellmästaren Matt Wignalls (känd som producent för Cold War Kids & Mando Diao) drog år 2016 igång vad som skulle bli WARGIRL. Inspirerad av det analoga ljudet och artister som War, Fela Kuri och Chaka Chan samlade han ett band och spelade in debut-EPn Arbolita.

Efter hyllningar från Stereogum, Reverbnation, L.A Record och Buzzbands LA är nu Matt Wignall och Wargirl redo att släppa sitt självbetitlade debutalbum den 26 oktober. Första singeln Poison släpptes den 7 september och idag får vi ytterligare ett smakprov då vi får lyssna till nya singeln Mess Around.

Vi fick en intervju med bandet för att höra få veta lite mer om dem och det kommande albumet. Hugg in!

Hi Wargirl! Welcome to Sound of Hisingen, how are you today?

We are great, woke up in Amsterdam this morning, a great place to wake up!

Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

We are WARGIRL, we all come from Long Beach CA. or have logged serious time in LB.
Sam sings, Tammy plays bass, Enya plays keyboards, Erick plays percussion, Jeff drums, and Matt engineers and produces our records.

How did you meet and how did Wargirl finally come about?

Long Beach is not a very big town so we all have crossed paths many times. 
Matt has a recording studio and came up with the idea to get us all together and kind of just make jam music made up of our musical influences and reflective of where we come from.

For those that are yet to hear your material, how would you describe your music?

We started calling it ”world music garage rock”, I guess that is sort of accurate. 
We take a lot of elements of cultural music and put it into a more or less pop song format. 
There are so many musical tastes represented in the members of the band and we try to smash all of them into our sound. Growing up in Long Beach we got exposed to a lot of latin music, punk, garage rock, Hip hop etc. so I think it all sort of naturally comes out in our music. We are trying to do something that is our own rather than to say we are one style of music or another. 

What kind of things inspire you to write?

Lately it’s been politics I suppose. A lot of the songs hop in and out of metaphor, using a relationship with a bad man as a metaphor for a shit politician. At the end of the day we are very positive people and don’t want to complain a lot in songs.

We say what we need to say but keep try to mix it with some lyrics dealing with personal experience. We have been at war as a country for our entire lives so it’s hard not to write about that a little. 

How did you come up with the name Wargirl?

Matt came up with the name looking at the cover of Max Romeo’s album War Ina Babylon. There is a painting of a woman on the cover, it seemed interesting to put War and Girl together, especially in light of the previous statements.

Your debut album is soon out! How long has the record been in the works for, from the initial development of its first songs right up to the release?

The oldest song on the record is 2 years old, most were written in the 4 months prior to recording though. We tend to write very quickly. 

We definitely spend a lot of time on the lyrics, but we try and make sure the songs feel alive and natural. We spent 3 months recording and mixing this album. Half of it was done at our studio in Long Beach and the other half was recorded at a studio overlooking the pacific ocean in Costa Rica. This seemed necessary as we wanted to have some kind of outside of America vibe on the songs. 

How would you describe the album?

A free flow of ideas, pop songs and improvisations with an emphasis on good energy and analog recording. All this is put through the lens of our multicultural southern california experience and our desire to be unique.

Were there any particular bands you took influence from when crafting the album?

Everything from Fela Kuti to Arcade Fire to Blondie. There is too many to list! Those three were specifically 
referenced during mixing. 

Which tracks on the new album are you the most excited about?

The songs Voice of the mountain and Last time were recorded live with all of us playing in Costa Rica looking out over lightning storms. We lost electricity several times in the middle of takes. They are sort of difficult songs to play well so we really had to work against the elements to make them happen. That was kind of magical to have lightning dictating which takes we could have electricity for or not.

And what can we expect from Wargirl over the next few months?

We are playing Paris tonight, and then a bunch of dates in the UK. After this we head back to America and begin to play our music to that part of the world. We will just keep writing and performing as much as we can because we love it.

Any last words?

Remember to love each other! 

Nya singeln hör du här!

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