Intervju: Neverlander

Londonbaserade Neverlander har släppt debutsingeln Reptiles. Bakom namnet står Sam Hammonds, tidigare frontfigur i det insomnade kultpopbandet Swiss Lips som bland annat turnerade med Bastille. Neverlander är också Birds Records första internationella signing vilket är spännande och kul tycker vi.

För att få veta lite mer om honom och för att höra om nya singeln fick vi en intervju med honom som du kan läsa här. Hugg in!

Hi Neverlander! Welcome to Sound of Hisingen, how are you today?

Hello. I’m feeling pretty sprightly for a Monday thanks.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi readers. I’m Sam. Neverlander is my new project.

For those that are yet to hear your material, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Difficult question. Right now I’d say a pain in the arse. Probably better to just have a listen.

Who are your top 3 all time artist influences?

In terms of songwriting probably The Beatles & Brian Wilson. In terms of production probably Kanye. I don’t think I sound like any of them though. It’s difficult to hear your own music objectively.

When did you first decide to start making music?

I picked up a guitar at 15, I’ve been steadily ruining my life with it ever since 🙂

What is your usual song-writing process?

I write the music first, all chords, melodies and basic production. Then comes the hellish task of making lyrics sit within the music.

How has your songwriting changed since becoming a solo artist?

The songs I write are coming from a slightly different place but the process is much the same. It’s just harder to make decisions without trusted opinions around you like I had with the band.

What are the biggest themes that you find emerge in your songs?

All the usual stuff…. Fear of growing up, death, drugs, relationships.

What can you tell us about your debut single Reptiles?
I wanted Reptiles to be a vitriolic spew of a pop song. It’s about about our loss of privacy and the misery of dystopian modern life, the great divide between rich and poor. That said, I didn’t want it to be too serious, nobody needs that at the moment… so I used the David Icke Reptilian theory as a tongue in cheek metaphor for our grotty leaders in an attempt to lighten the mood.

What excites you the most about the new single?

People’s reactions I guess. I wrote the song a while ago so it’s nice to finally see it out.

Any word on when we can expect a debut album?

I’ve pretty much finished writing one. So I guess it’ll come out when people want it to.

What new bands and artists are you listening to right now?

In the last week I’ve been listening to the new Gary Numan record, Kendrick Lamar, Kryer and Fine Creatures.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since starting to make music?

That creating things makes me a happier person than when I don’t.

Finally, what are your plans for 2018?

Not dying, writing songs better than the last, doing some gigs!

Any last words?

If I die please feed my cats.

Debutsingeln Reptiles hör du här.

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