Intervju: Cabbage

Cabbage har kallats Manchesters just nu mest spännande band och det går ju inte annat än att hålla med när man hör på deras musik. De har bara funnits i ett par år men har redan släppt flertalet singlar och gjort massvis med spelningar. Nyligen släpptes äntligen deras debutalbum Nihilistic Glamour Shots och vi fick en intervju med trummisen Asa för att höra lite om bandet och albumet.

Medlemmar i bandet är Lee Broadbent (sång), Joe Martin (sång/gitarr), Eoghan Clifford (gitarr), Stephen Evans (bas) och Asa Morley (trummor).

Hi Cabbage! Welcome to Sound of Hisingen, how are you today?

Hi Susanna! Just currently in our van on a long drive to France, where we will be playing a festival in Bourges. Today’s choice of van entertainment has been Quentin Tarantino’s excellent True Romance followed by watching Lee (singer) slay dragons on Skyrim.
How did you meet and how did Cabbage finally come about?

Lee, Joe and Eoghan had been friends for years, causing chaos around the streets of Mossley and partaking in various musical escapades. Ste, also a Mossley veteran, was recruited originally as a producer for the self titled and funded Le Chou ep. He then joined as the bass player before myself (Asa) was recruited as the drummer and the final piece of the puzzle. Le Chou’s fantastic drumming work was a combination of both Lee and eoghan, who are both excellent drummers. I got the call when the boys realised they needed a drummer for live shows and future recordings.
For those that are yet to hear your material, how would you describe yourselves as a band?

We would describe the band as post punk/punk rock. Influences include : Dead Kennedys, The Fall, Butthole Surfers and Devo.
How did you come up with the name Cabbage?

It was set in stone by the time I had joined. As far as I can gather it was born from the notion that a lot of bands within the industry love to ‘play it safe’ so to speak, which we have no problem with but it’s just not the way we wanted to do it. The name raises eyebrows and splits opinions which is pretty much how we see ourselves going forward.
You have just released your debut album Nihilistic Glamour Shots. How would you describe the album?

Uncompromising but also quite listenable! We wanted to create an album that would propel us to the next stage of our career but also not alienate the fans who had supported the group since the early days. 
How long did it take to make the album? Where did you record it?

The album was recorded in Parr Street studios in Liverpool with James Skelly and Rich Turvey. Due to our relentless touring schedule over 2017, the recording was very much a case of getting into the studio whenever we had a couple of days to do so. Although there was a couple of weeks in November where we spent most days getting the majority of the album finished. It got to the point towards the end of the recording process where both James and ourselves felt that we needed another strong song, so Post Modernist Caligula was written in a couple of days, an achievement we’re really proud of considering its our most recent single off the album.
You have released over 30 songs so far, when did you decide it was time to record your debut album?

It just felt like the logical next step. As a band we take our writing very seriously and we are very proud of our prolific songwriting! However this did feel almost like a tough debut album as we had already written so much, so it was almost a case of ‘second album syndrome’ which is such an issue for bands.
Is there a theme or story running through your album that you’d like to share?

No theme or story, definitely not within the lyrics. It’s not something that we would think about consciously when writing. We just write about where we are at that point in time, as we’ve not really known any different. 
What song do you most look forward to playing on tour?

Personally it’s Exhibit A as it slows the set down and gives me a bit of a rest! Molotov Alcopop is quickly becoming a crowd favourite.
You have done over 200 gigs. What are some of your favorite road stories? I know lots of crazy things happen to musicians while going city to city. 

Nothing really stands out as such. Just general tales of crazy fans, excessively long journeys in vans and wanting to kill each other.
What are you most looking forward to this year?

We have a trip to Moscow for a festival in June which we are equally as excited and afraid about for obvious reasons. Other than that, more writing, gigging and travelling. 
Any last words?

Thanks for the interview and we hope to head to Sweden some time soon!!

Huge thanks to Cabbage for answering our questions!

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