Intervju: 7 Days In Alaska

Vårt norska favoritband 7 Days In Alaska har äntligen släppt sitt efterlängtade debutalbum Dancing With Ghosts. Bandet släppte 2015 debutsingeln Us Against The World och vi föll givetvis pladask. Sedan dess har de släppt flertalet singlar och nu ligger alltså ett helt album ute. Det här är definitivt ett av de album vi kommer lyssna mest på i år och vi hoppas att de snart kommer till Göteborg för att spela. Kan någon boka in dem?

Medlemmar i bandet är Martin Bjerke (sång), Christer Gundersen (gitarr) och Simen Sandnes (trummor).

Vi fick en intervju för att prata om nya albumet och för att höra om vad de har på gång framöver. Hugg in!

Hi 7 Days In Alaska! How are you today?

Hi! Great! Thank you for asking.

What have you guys been up to since we last talked?

Well, we have been touring norway and a little in Germany. And we just released our debut album, So.. Not much, haha!

Your amazing debut album Dancing With Ghosts is finally out! How does it feel?!

Yes!!! Only took us about 4 years! It feels great, and a little surreal. We have been working on it for ages now. And when you do work for so long on a record, it dosent really feel like your done. You just let go of it, and pass it forward to the listeners. Let them have some fun with it kinda thing. Im sure that Christer and I (Martin) could spend even 1 or 2 more years on it, tweaking mixes, adding, deleting.. etc. But it was time to let it go. it dident hurt that we reached number 1 on the norwegian rock charts on iTunes, the first day either. Haha!

How long has the record been in the works for, from the initial development of its first songs right up to the release?

As said earlier, it took us 4 years, give or take. Its been one a hell of a ride. So many songs written, and only 11 of them got to be apart of this record. Making an album is harsh proccess. Gotta say goodbye to alot of songs, that just dident fit the album. Dosent mean they were bad songs though, but as said, dident fit the album.

Were there any particular bands you took influence from when crafting the album?

So many, to be honest. And a vast varierty of bands/artists. But to name a few:
The 1975, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Pvris, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers.

You travelled all the way from Norway to Nashville to finish the album. What inspired the band to record there?

Well, the things is.. We worked with Riley Friesen and Nathan Dantzler on the earlier stages of ”Dancing With Ghosts”, back in 2014 I think. But back then they had their studio in LA. So it just kinda felt right to finnish the record with the producers that we started  with, if that makes sense. 

And we also had this thing with ”Dancing With Ghosts” that we wanted to travel as much as possible, while writing. To get different vibes, different people around us. To make it as interesting as possible. And as we had been in LA, the UK, Norway.. It felt natural to end it in a legendary city like Nashville, and a legendary studio like Castle Recordings.

Tell us about the album title, Dancing With Ghosts, and where it came from?

The album title is taken from the last track on the album, called Never Ends.
When we were getting into the final stages of the record, we started to reflect on the whole thing. Everything from how our personal lives had been, how the recording process had been, and everything that has happened while we have been working on it.

The funny thing, is that when we looked back on the songs that we had finnished back in for example LA, there was general attitude in the lyrics, and what we talked about. Us against the world, love me hate me.. etc. Young aspiring musicians, who were ready to take upon the world, kinda thing. And dont get me wrong, were still young aspring musicians. Its just that we have been through alot of things in the music industry since then. And that was when we found what we had written an album about.

It was basicly a timeline of those 4 years. And reflections upon that. What we had seen, what we felt, and what we learned from it all. And to answer your question more simply put.. When you go through diffecult things, its hard to just move on from them. Even though its been a long time since those things were relevant. They become apart of who you are. Scars, if you will. And we think alot of people have that, in a small or bigger way. Holding on to a diffecult past. Therefore ”Dancing With Ghosts”.

Do you have a current favorite track on the album?

Hard to choose.. Cause they all hold alot of meaning to you. But for me (Martin), right now.. I think I would go with ”Never Ends”. 

Is there a song from album that you are most proud of?

That is so hard… We spent so much time on all of them. So to pick one of them feels like disrespecting that. But to pick one right now, I would say Lost At Sea. Because their is so many elements in that song. We really tried alot of different things with that song, and im really happy about how it turned out in the end.

What song do you most look forward to play live? You must come to Sweden and Gothenburg soon!

All of them is alot of fun to play live. But Stand is a song that works really well with an audience. As it has this chanting thing in the chorus, so it will be really fun to intereact with the audience on that song.

We would love to play Gotheburg! We know that we have a growing fan base in Sweden actually. Which is really exciting! We are actually playing a festival in Örebro, in Sweden this summer. Think the festival is called ”Live At Heart”, but I cant remember right now. But we would love to play more in Sweden, if we got the oppurtunity to.

And finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

Touring and hopefully, more touring.

We have been working on dancing with ghosts for 4 years. Its time time to share it with an audience, as much as we can. And that will be our main priority in 2018. We have growing fan bases all around the world right now, which is sooo exciting. So we wanna visit all the cities we can. And meet as many followers as possible.

We are of course looking towards new music, at some point. But right now, the focus is on Dancing with Ghosts. All we know, when it comes to new music, is that we wont make the same record twice. So we will take our time to come up with some interesting and different.

Huge thanks for answering our questions!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. And thank you for doing that through the whole process, all the single releases, the EP etc. We really do appreciate it. 
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