Intervju: 7 Days In Alaska

Vi har ett favoritband från Norge och de heter 7 Days In Alaska. Indierockbandet släpper idag sin fantastiska debut EP Love Me Hate Me och de bjuder som vanligt på sköna riff, lekfulla synthar och hooks man inte kan få nog av. I februari 2016 släppte de sin debutsingel Us Against The World vilken finns med nya EP:n och jag gissar att det här är början på något stort för detta grymt talangfulla band.

För att få veta mer om EP:n och vad bandet har för sig framöver fick vi en intervju med bandets sångare Martin som du kan läsa här.

Hi 7 Days In Alaska! Welcome to Sound of Hisingen, how are you today?

Hi! We’re great! Thanks for asking!

Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

We’re 7 Days in Alaska, a pop/rock band from Skien, Norway.
Martin Bjerke on vocals, Christer Gundersen on guitar and Lars Takla on drums.
We like delay guitars, big drums and catchy hooks. If you wanna know more, we just released an EP called Love Me Hate Me on Spotify, we would love it if you checked it out!

Can you describe your sound in 3 words for us?

Catchy, ambitious, pop/rock (I know pop/rock is 2 words, but do I get away with that?).

What is your usual song-writing process?

Well, that’s different everytime. But it usually starts in the studio in Skien, where we record all of our demos. It’s usually a subject we feel passionate about.  Something we feel is important, in society or in our personal lives.

We’ve never been that kinda band that can schedule when we will create something, it has to be natural and important to us. Therefore it can be so much that triggers a new song, so it’s scary to travel to far from a studio (haha).

We also like to travel to new places to record. So far we’ve been to LA, Northern Ireland, Nashville and London. New people and a fresh worldview. A conversation with someone can change the way you feel about something, and that is a special thing. So we’re gonna try to keep doing that.

Who has influenced your music the most?

Depends which members you ask, haha! It’s soooo much. Christer is into girl pop, so in many ways that has influenced us. I’m into so much different stuff. But for the sake of the argument these bands has been important to me (and us I think) – The 1975, PVRIS, Thirty Seconds To Mars, U2 and Muse. I don’t really know what Lars listens to, to be honest haha!

How did you come up with the name 7 Days In Alaska?

That’s a long story. When we started the project that was to become 7 Days in Alaska, there was a lot going on in Christer`s and my life. We were at the point we’re there was everything or nothing. And after Nathan Dantzler asked us to come to LA to start working towards our debut album, we decided to throw everything else away and focus on what was to become 7 Days in Alaska.

When we got home from LA (which was one crazy trip) we wanted a name that held meaning to us. So Christer and I ended up talking about how it felt to do this thing, quit our day jobs and chase a music career. Thats when 7 Days in Alaska came about. 

In the movies Alaska has always been illustrated as this wilderness. And in many ways thats what all of this feels like sometimes. It’s rough, it’s hard.. But sometimes utterly beautiful. To get thrown into Alaska for 7 Days and then told to survive with nothing but yourself, would be hard. Therefore, you need to have some sort of motivation to do that. So it is a reminder to ourselfs, why we do this.

You new EP Love Me Hate Me is out today! Just love it! Can you tell us a little bit about the songs on the EP?

Woho! Thank you! This EP is stories from our lives. Songs about what we feel is important, and worth talking about. We live in a world full of instagram filters today. We are trying to start a conversation about that, and how we feel about it.
And in that process, it is a introduction to who we are.

How long did it take to make the EP? Where did you record it?

The thing is that we werent planning to do a EP. We started recording our debut album. But as we’ve been doing that for 3 years now, it felt natural to us to do something else than singles, in that process.

Alot of artists today release alot of singles. Which is totally cool, we get why.
But we wanted to intruduce a bigger picture of what 7 Days in Alaska is.
So it has taken us about 3 years? Some of the songs are kinda old to us now, so hard to answere. And it was recorded different places around the world. Some of them in LA, some of them in Northern Irland. And all the demos was written in Norway. 

Is there a song from the EP that you are most proud of?

Thats very individual. And it is a hard question to answere. It’s cheesy, but their all our babies. Dont really wanna pick a favorite..
But sometimes one of us writes something that is very personal.  Like Marielle… Which is Christer`s story about his sister. So I guess Marielle is something that is very special to him and to us, as we all can relate to losing someone. But their all special in their own way.

What are your plans for 2017?

We have prepared for 2017 for ages now.. At least it feels like that.
So we got tons of plans! We’re gonna release alot of music and do a tour in Norway. And we recently signed a deal with MIH in LA.
So maybe we will get the chanse to do something in the US already in 2017!

Any last words?

To all the readers: Thank you so much for sticking with us. Remember to follow us on instagram, facebook, twitter.. etc.  And!  It would be rad if you checked out our EP on spotify. It would mean everything to us!

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